Chow Chow Photography is a registered business in Singapore with a Registration Number 53239875X.

Pricing for Virtual Tours

The cost per Virtual Tour is based on professional panographer service fee, travel costs and the virtual tour processing component which involves computer time and expertise for images assembly and web integration stages.

Contact us @ 86060776 to Engage the service 

Our Virtual Tours are taken by expensive high quality camera and equipments.

Pricing for Quality Standard Virtual Tour (Standard Layout) One Property/Venue Package (For residential properties)

  1. – Up to 5 Virtual Tour Scenes for 1 Property/Venue Unit
  2. – 5 Virtual Tour Scenes Adjustment and Cleaning up with Photoshop and Light Room
  3. – Includes View of Ceiling and Flooring with removal of tripod
  4. – Includes Hotspot navigation
  5. – Image colour correction and cleaning
  6. – 1 Travelling Trip
  7. – Free hosting on our web server
  8. – Mobile Viewable with IPhone, IPad and Android
  9. – Adding your own photo (Optional)
  10. – Files being in Flash and HTML5 will be emailed to you.
  11. – Free customer service support.
  • Price – For Standard Virtual Tour
  • With 
  • our watermark = $120        
  • No watermark = $150 (You can choose to have your own personal watermark)


Pricing for Advance Commercial Quality (Full Customization ) 

  1.   Ultra High Resolution Quality HDR image processing
  2. Major Professional Software editing on HDR scenes on fine details.
  3. Includes Full View of Ceiling and Flooring with removal of tripod 
  4. – Advise on Furniture Arrangement.
  5. – Includes Hotspot Navigation
  6. – Image colour correction and cleaning
  7. – Traveling trips included
  8. – Free hosting on our web server
  9. – Mobile Viewable with IPhone, IPad and Android
  10. – Adding your own photo (Optional)
  11. Ultra High Resolution Quality and Internet Optimized Quality Files being in Flash and HTML5 will be emailed to you.
  12. Hot spot navigation on virtual tour (Optional).
  13. Interactive Floor Plan/Map (Optional)
  14. – Free customer service support.
  15. Full Customization on your requirements
  • Price – For Commercial Quality
  • No watermark = Contact Us for a Quote (You can choose to have your company watermark)



Standard Panography Service For Virtual Tours:

1-Property/Venue Package will consist up to 5 scenes within the property unit/venue i.e. Living, Bedrooms, Kitchen,Gardens & etc.

    1. 1-Property/Venue Package is only meant for 1 property/venue location per single trip only

Standard Features of Virtual Tours:

    1. Full screen button
    2. Navigational and zoom controls
    3. Viewable on Mobile Devices (eg. IPhone , IPad, Android)
    4. Free hosting of the tour at
    5. Personal Watermark


Extra Virtual Tours Features (Optional): 

When it comes to virtual tours, everyone’s criteria and situation is different, this is why we offer a range of optional interactive features to give you and your client the best experience.

    1. Floor plans
    2. Sound effects and music
    3. Interactive hotspot navigation


How to engage Virtual Tours Service?

  1. You can contact us @ 86060776 or email @
  2. Dress up your property nicely BEFORE the 30-min virtual tour shooting.
  3. Your virtual tour scenes will be ready within 1-2 processing days(We will try to process it as soon as possible normally less than 24 hrs). We will email you the content of your virtual tours.