How Virtual Tours Can Help Real Estate Agents In Business ?

Virtual tour can be used as an advertising tool in PropertyGuru/Commercial Guru.

Potential buyers can view these tours online, without the assistance of a real estate agent.

1. Virtual Tours are Convenient for Potential Buyers

Virtual tours give buyers the experience of viewing homes without being present at those homes. Buyers can narrow their choices by getting a comprehensive look at real estate they might have an interest in. They can find out which properties they want to see in person, and which ones they don’t.

Virtual tours are available 24/7 from any location. This means that out-of-town buyers can tour several homes without travel or expense. Buyers can also view homes whenever is convenient for them without having to schedule an appointment.

Buyers can show homes to their family and friends effortlessly by simply sharing a link through email or even a social networking site. Many buyers rely on opinions of others when making big decisions.

2. They save time for both the buyer and the agent.

Many people realize on first sight they don’t want the home. This thins the crowd of potential buyers, and allows you to avoid unnecessary live tours.

With Virtual Tour,  Real estate agents will be able to get more genuine buyers viewing their property and filter those who just want to look and see.

Buyers who view the actual property will be buyers who knows what they want after viewing the virtual tour.

3. Reflects Well on You and Your Agency

Your website is often the first, and sometimes only, chance to make a good impression.

How much you put into your website is often an indicator to consumers the level of service they can expect from you.

Real estate will seem more professional with a Virtual Tour embed on their advertisement.

Potential buyers will have more confidence in you.

How to engage Virtual Tours Service?

  1. You can contact me us @ 86060776
  2. Dress up your property nicely BEFORE the 30-min virtual tour shooting.
  3. Your virtual tour scenes will be ready within 1-2 processing days(We will try to process it as soon as possible normally less than 24 hrs). We will email you the content of your virtual tours.